Photo of Laure-Anne by Stacey J. Byers

Laure-Anne Bosselaar’s most recent books of poetry are Lately (Sungold Editions, 2024) and  These Many Rooms (Four Way Books, 2019). She
served as Poet Laureate of Santa Barbara until April 2021.


Laure-Anne is also the author of The Hour Between Dog and Wolf, and of Small Gods of Grief, which won the Isabella Gardner Prize for Poetry. In 2007, Ausable Press published her third poetry collection A New Hunger which the American Library Association selected as Notable Book for 2008. She is also an anthologist, translator, editor and consultant.

Praise for These Many Rooms:

With language both lush and unflinching, Laure-Anne Bosselaar's new collections allows us a long look at what lost love means in the most beautiful and poignant sense of those words. How do we—how can we—make a way through the vast, invisible territory that stretches before each of us when death claims someone for whom our hearts had awakened gloriously and completely? Such grief demands that we feel too much; we find ourselves pressed into a silence that even our closest companions hesitate to engage. In These Many Rooms, Laure-Anne Bosselaar breaks open this silence, writing frankly and with sublime grace on this difficult walk. As she chronicles life after the sudden passing of her husband, the wonderful poet Kurt Brown, we are offered an intricately detailed map of that half-lit wilderness each person must enter when confronted by overwhelming loss."

Tim Seibles

Tim Seibles